Dangerous Grounds: Mexican Motherlode Pictures

Go behind the scenes as Todd dodges Mexican cartels in search of a legendary coffee for a famous chef.

Todd Carmichael inspects a crop of red fruit as it dries at a farm in the remote hills of Mexico.

Todd grinds a farmer's wine-like beans to sample what could be his next big coffee buy.

A crop of berries are laid out to dry at the Finca de Filamon, a farm in the state of Guerrero, one of the most dangerous regions in Mexico.

A farmer shows off some berries on the bush at Finca Gustavo, another farm in a remote area of Mexico.

A dried up canal runs through Atoyac, a city in Mexico whose name means “place near the river.”

Todd talks to the staff of Atoyac's Maquila de Cafe hoping to find the contact he was told would help him track down the best coffee farmers in Mexico.

Todd checks out a drying station in Atoyac's buying center under the supervision of a member of the Maquila de Cafe.

The Cafe Passmar in Mexico City has an array of the best coffees from across Mexico. The café is known for employing world champion baristas.

Todd samples coffees from around Mexico with barista champion Salvador Benitez. Todd hopes to find out which coffee would be perfect for his high-profile restaurateur client, Jean-Georges.

Todd finds coffee seedlings at a farm in Atoyac, Mexico, but are they what he’s been searching for?

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