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From a latke-and-corned-beef masterpiece in Colorado to a big hunk of BBQ bologna in Tennessee, get a taste of America’s top hunger-filling, handheld feasts.
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Jimmy and Drew’s in Boulder, CO, is the place to go the next time you find yourself kvetching for a delicious deli sandwich.

The latkes at Jimmy and Drew’s are made from scratch using shredded (then pureed) potatoes, pureed onions, eggs, seasoning and matzo meal.

Schenectady, NY: home of modern American marvels such as the first commercially produced lightbulb, the theater that hosted the first TV demonstration -- and the king-size steak sandwich from Morrette’s.

One of the best things about Morrette's is that all its sandwiches are made to order.

Philadelphia may be home of the cheesesteak, but believe it or not, the finest Philly cheesesteak just might be served in upstate New York -- at Morrette’s!

Don't want your sauce on top? No problem! At Morrette's, sandwiches come with a side of marinara sauce for dipping.

For customers who simply cannot handle the king-size steak sandwich, have no fear: Morrette's offers a queen-size version of this scrumptious sandwich.

Located just a few blocks off the Jersey Shore, amid Atlantic City’s many casinos lies a true American sandwich landmark -- the White House Sub Shop.

Customers have been known to drive from as far away as North Carolina to get their hands on a White House Sub in Atlantic City.

The Bentley at The Carving Board in Tarzana, CA, is not your typical steak sandwich. It's a filet mignon on ciabatta bread, with bacon mayonnaise, blue cheese, grilled onions and fresh spinach.

The Carving Board’s mega sandwich, the Appetizer, is a BLT with 2 hamburger patties, 2 fried eggs and 2 grilled cheeses.

The late great pit master Raymond Robinson opened Cozy Corner in Memphis, TN, in 1977 along with his wife, Desiree. This first lady of smoked sandwiches now runs the bologna business herself.

Mother’s in New Orleans is a low-key, comfy, down-home restaurant that is totally vintage and utterly New Orleans. And while there’s almost always a line, everybody says it’s well worth the wait.

At Juan Mon’s in Houston, these fresh, uniquely flavorful creations aren’t sandwiches -- they’re “Juanwiches.”

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