A Complete Guide To Binge: Watching 'Fright Club' Season 1

The first rule of Fright Club: you do talk about Fright Club.

On Fright Club, the Ghost Brothers — Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey — sit down with Jack Osbourne to try to scare each other with the creepiest paranormal footage they can find. Settle in for a few hours to see all the jaw-dropping moments from season 1.

The Ghost and the Gospel

A minister preaching on a live stream video is shrouded in a strange white mist as he asks God to bless his congregation. The mist hovers over the man for several seconds before it floats upward out of the frame.

Thirty Spirits

When a couple bought a haunted hotel, they knew it was haunted, they just didn’t know it was that haunted. One day when the hotel was empty, a heavy door was slammed shut with enough force to rattle the entire wing. At the time, there were no windows open and no air conditioning or heat running. Another time, three women in the hotel spotted an apparently nude ghost. A medium familiar with the situation doesn’t think the spirits know they’re dead.

An Angry Orb

A woman making a video in her basement seemed to get a piece of dust on her camera lens, but a closer look shows that the dust was actually an orb. It flew towards the camera from the darkness and dodged all attempts to wipe it away. The homeowner believes that she angered the spirit by swatting at the orb because of the escalating paranormal activity she experienced that night.

Porch Swings

A woman named Norma was caring for her dying mother when the surveillance camera on her porch captured a hazy human form dropping into the porch swing. The swing then began to swing by itself. The Ghost Brothers consulted a medium who had some shocking information for Norma.

Donut Disturb

A donut shop that occupies a 1922 building is the site of frequent paranormal activity. A camera monitoring the shop’s kitchen caught mugs flying off a shelf and shattering on the floor. Later, trays are flung from a counter while no one is in the room. Paranormal activity seems concentrated in the kitchen, and the owner believes the entity is mischievous.

Bar Harassment

A bartender serving drinks was hit from behind when a glass flew off the shelf. There was nobody else behind the bar at the time.

Binge Fright Club Season 1, available now on discovery+. Season two starts June 30 with new episodes every Thursday.

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