Ghost Adventures: Fall 2012 Sneak Peek

See pics of upcoming investigations from the all-new season of Ghost Adventures.
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Aaron makes fun of Zak’s coveralls at the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN, where dark energy is thought to be lurking in the basement. Check out the Ghost Adventures homepage for more!

Zak and Nick film a reenactment scene with a crew member at the Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, TX, where the guys are the first and only investigators to document the spirits of the prison’s violent former inmates.

Aaron inspects the siding of the 150-year-old Black Moon Manor in Greenfield, IN.

Zak talks to Matt, the owner of Black Moon Manor, outside the house.

Zak, Nick and Aaron begin their investigation of Excalibur Nightclub in Chicago with an interview.

Texas’ Central Unit Prison, built in 1909, had been shut down just 6 months before the guys arrived to investigate paranormal activity.

Zak, Nick and Aaron review evidence inside the Palmer House Hotel in Minnesota.

Zak, Nick and Aaron strike a pose in the woods by Excalibur Nightclub in Zak’s hometown of Chicago.

At the Central Unit Prison, Aaron films Zak’s interview with the parent of a former inmate.

Zak gets ready to do some digging in the basement of the Palmer House Hotel.

Zak films outside Central Unit Prison’s walls.

Aaron sets up his camera on the streets of Sauk Centre, MN, outside the Palmer House Hotel.

Zak, Nick and Aaron strike a pose before delving into the Black Moon Manor’s deep, dark history.

Aaron films an army of police officers and protesters in Chicago.

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