Ghost Adventures: Crisis in Oakdale

The crew lands in Oakdale, Calif., to investigate a sinister energy darkening the home of a grieving family. During the emotionally charged and frightening lockdown, Billy and Aaron are mysteriously debilitated and Jay witnesses a door open by itself.

Karon McDonald's Home

We have never worked on a case like this before. In Oakdale, Calif., the home of Karon McDonald has something dark happening inside.

Ghost Adventures Arrives

Most recently, Karon’s son, Michael, committed suicide. As you can imagine, the family is in rough shape right now. The boy had autism, and never liked to talk to strangers. But Ghost Adventures was his favorite show, so his mother feels like the crew won’t be strangers to him.

Paranormal Activity

The paranormal activity has been going on here for years, but it’s ramped up since the suicide. We’re going to try and help this family find some peace.

Michael's Presence

Michael complained for over a decade that he didn’t like it here. Something was tormenting him inside to the point where he took his own life.

Exactly one week after Michael’s death, Karon was sitting downstairs when she felt something urge her to Michael’s upstairs room. She went into one bedroom, but instantly knew that something didn’t feel right. She walked into the second bedroom and up to his clothes hamper. She reached inside and found a notebook with two suicide notes. She said she spent days looking for a note after he killed himself. She looked everywhere. But that day, she found it like she was led directly to it.

Inside the Home

Karon McDonald bought the house in 1995 and moved in with her three daughters Jessica, Alicia, Shana, and her son, Michael. Almost immediately the family felt something was off with the house. They would hear footsteps and doors randomly closing.

Other Spirits

They believe the first presence in the house was the spirit of Karon’s mother who had died years earlier. Karon’s mother always wore perfume and the family would smell the distinct and strong smell of the perfume in the house at various times.

The Main Staircase

Michael's sister Jessica tells Zak that she has difficulty breathing while on the main staircase. During their interview with Jessica, Zak and Billy begin feeling a similar sensation.

Michael's Memorial

A memorial to Michael can be seen above the fireplace in the McDonald home. This investigation is going to require two phases: helping Michael move on, but also helping Karon let Michael go.

In Remembrance

Little mementos to Michael can be found all around the house.

Never Forgotten

Michael might be gone from this world, but his spirit and presence are never forgotten.

More of the Memorial

His mother won’t sell the house if she believes Michael is stuck here.

The Bathroom

This is the room where Michael tragically took his own life in June 2018. His mother hasn't been in this bathroom since his passing and likely won’t ever go in again.

Michael's Room

A look at Michael's room.

Chris Fleming

Zak invites Chris Fleming to assist with their investigation.

Local Investigators

Dakota films local paranormal investigators Paul and Deanna as they talk with Karon and her children Alicia and Jessica. Paul and Deanna investigated this house within a week or so of the suicide at Karon’s request. Deanna is a medium, and believes Michael’s spirit is still here.

Cursed Home?

People have described the heavy atmosphere inside the home, like the way it feels right before a big thunderstorm. Karon believes it’s some kind of curse.

Goodnight Moon

The moon shines brightly above this troubled home.

Zak Bagans

Zak prepares to investigate the McDonald house.

Time to Lockdown

The lockdown is about to begin. Don’t miss this incredibly emotionally-charged investigation, Saturday at 9|8c.

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