Ghost Adventures: Panic in Amarillo

Zak and the crew rush to a private home in Amarillo, Texas, where a family is reaching its breaking point with an aggressive entity. It's the guys' most complex and challenging investigation yet as they search for the truth.

Amarillo House

This house in Amarillo, Texas is housing more than just a family.

The Prathers

Something sinister is tormenting the Prather family and the crew are here to figure out who or what it is.

Dark Presence

Some hauntings are dangerous to not only the people living in the building, but to anyone who comes looking.

Desperate Situation

The family who lives here is in a desperate position. They’re afraid to stay in their home, but they can’t leave either, which is why they called the crew to help.

Religious Protection

The Prather family turned to their religion to protect them from whatever is in the shadows of their home.

Physical Attacks

They’ve been scratched, found strange items in their walls and one minister who came here to bless the house was knocked to the floor by an unseen force.

The "Bad Man"

This room is where the entity known as the "bad man" has been spotted.

Not Leaving

The dark, demonic entity made this children’s room its home and has no intentions of leaving.

Something Sinister

An ordinary doll among the many possessions in the Prather household. But does it belong to one of the children or something much darker and sinister?

Entity in the Attic

A family friend who is a minister claims to have had a demonic experience caused by a dark entity in the attic.

Paranormal Activity

This looks like a typical home in Amarillo, Texas. Something beyond this world is plaguing this home and the innocent family that lives here.

Paranormal Investigations

The homeowner, Janella, said she has had a minister and paranormal investigators come out to bless or cleanse the house, but nothing has helped.

Ghost Adventures Crew

This is the time of day that puts the Prather family on edge, for a demonic entity comes alive at night throughout the household. Ready for Saturday’s lockdown? You don’t want to miss this one.

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