Ghost Adventures: Palomino Club

Zak and the crew are in Las Vegas investigating the city's oldest gentlemen's club. Several tragic deaths have saturated the club with raw human emotion, creating a charged paranormal atmosphere and possibly fueling murderous behavior among employees and patrons.

Ghost Adventures Crew

There’s been controversy and murder at the Palomino Club since it opened back in 1969. Today, the employees know they’re not alone when they’re inside.

Enter the Palomino Club

The Palomino Club is the oldest continuously operating gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas. The original building was constructed in 1951 and served as the first doctor’s office in Old Town Vegas. In 1969, Paul Perry and his family converted the building into a bar.

Tour the Club

City officials and law enforcement didn’t like it one bit, but Perry wasn’t violating any laws. Three days per week of nude girls then turned into seven days per week, and the Palomino was forever known as a gentlemen’s club.

Murder and Mayhem

Various workers of the Palomino have seen apparitions lurking throughout the club. Some believe it to be an employee who was murdered here back in December of 2000.

Scary Shadows

Some of the dancers are so frightened of what’s lurking in the shadows of this building that they don’t last very long working here. And they don’t want to talk about it.

The Rules

The club lays out strict warnings to customers of their haunted house theme during the month of October.

All Treats

The month of October is the month where the Palomino Club sets itself up as a haunted house to its customers. However it remains that way throughout much of the year in the eyes of its employees.

Haunted in Vegas

What may seem like the ideal spot for a bachelor party is actually one of the most haunted locations in Las Vegas.

Dark Presence

Maybe the dark presence inside this building is what’s causing the high turnover rate of the girls who come here to dance. Or maybe it’s something that predates the club and this presence isn’t happy with what’s going on here.

Bad Luck

Jamie Wood has been at Palomino's for 11 years, starting out as a dancer but now helps manage the club. On top of her string of bad luck which she suspects may stem from the club, she suspects that the paranormal occurrences are the reason for the high turnover rate of dancers.

Murder in the Basement

Jose Falcon has worked as the club's maintenance engineer since 2015. He's told us that hearing footsteps when you're all alone is routine at this point. He also mentioned some people get a weird feeling in the basement by the safe which is where the murder occurred.

Strange Experiences

Jose's strangest experience occurred upstairs when he was cutting wood with an electric saw. He said he was using the wrong kind of blade, so the wood was creating a lot of smoke. He looked up and said the smoke formed around a human figure, as if a living person just walked into the cloud, but there was no one around.

Long History of Activity

Chuck Klenus is the founder of the Nevada Paranormal Task Force. He first investigated the Palomino back in 1995 (before the murder) and said there was activity even back then.

Dark Corners

In a building filled with mirrors and intentionally-dark corners, we’re going to have to be smart with our equipment and senses to avoid false-positives.

All-New Lockdown

Ghost Adventures investigates the Palomino Club this Saturday at 9|8c.

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