Ghost Adventures: Pasadena Ritual House

Zak and the crew investigate the Pasadena, California, home of a self-proclaimed satanist. A seance conducted inside the historic Victorian house reveals an inhuman presence has attached itself to Aaron and is trying to communicate with him.

Welcome to Pasadena

This house in Pasadena, California looks like an average American home with a white picket fence. But hidden beyond its manicured garden and striped awnings, a twisted nightmare of poltergeists and black magic awaits.

Home of Black Magic

At this home in Pasadena, there are reports of full-bodied apparitions and poltergeist activity. Tenants have not only conducted seances, but also have practiced black magic. One tenant even tried to conjure the devil himself. We want to find out if the black magic being practiced in this home has ripped opened a portal, allowing something evil to enter our world.

Shrouded in Mystery

Built in 1890, this Victorian home is currently the home of Richard Lael Lillard, an occultist. He believes he’s seen the spirit of the original owner, known only as “Victor,” as well as several other specters. The crew is aware of mostly “peaceful” passings in the home’s history, and the house itself is still shrouded in mystery.

Richard's Ceremonies

Since Richard moved into the home two years ago, he has been seeing about five to six people a week for Tarot readings, seances and conjuring sessions. Could he have opened up something dark in the home during these ceremonies?

What Else is "Haunted"?

Richard had a painting commissioned of himself as the devil. He is fascinated by the devil and has several portraits of satan around his apartment. He describes himself as a satanist that believes in demons and evil. The house itself might be haunted, but Richard says he also is “haunted.”

Dabbling in Darkness

Richard uses this crystal ball during his seances. He isn’t afraid to dabble in black magic, but he says he only curses people who deserve it.

Terrifying Paranormal Activity

The second floor where tenants, including Dawn Goodson, live. According to Dawn, she’s being haunted by an entity inside the home. She once felt a male spirit crawl into bed, and she experienced sleep paralysis — which means she was temporarily unable to move or cry out for help.

Portal to Hell

Dawn moved into this bedroom in May of this year, but she has been visiting the home for over a year. She said that she has had several weird and unexplainable experiences in the building — not to mention the encounter in her bedroom. Zak believes there could be an active portal in Dawn’s bedroom. The portal could explain the dark, baffling activity in the home.

Patti's Back

Longtime Ghost Adventures guest and psychic medium Patti Negri has been friends with Richard for some time. The two have even performed a seance together once. She’s here to offer more background on Richard and his home which seems to be experiencing paranormal activity.

Devil's in the Details

The devil is certainly here artistically in this home, but we're here to find out if he's also present physically. Don’t miss this all-new investigation, Saturday at 9|8c.

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