Ghost Adventures: Pioneer Saloon Pictures

Zak, Nick and Aaron go to Goodsprings, NV, to investigate one of the oldest saloons in the country.
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Aaron prepares to investigate the space around the bar inside the Pioneer Saloon. It’s believed that multiple people lost their lives in the old mineshaft that runs below the bar.

Fellow paranormal investigator, Robert Allen, believes that one of the spirits haunting the Pioneer Saloon is Carole Lombard, 1930s screen siren and wife of Clark Gable.

The Pioneer Saloon is home to a rich history, but it has had its share of dark moments.

ATVs are the ideal mode of transportation for navigating the unforgiving Nevada desert.

Remnants of the 1942 plane crash that killed Carole Lombard can still be found strewn about in the Nevada desert near Mount Potosi.

Aaron can’t help but goof around when there are ATVs and silly goggles involved.

The guys take a caravan of off-road vehicles to the summit of Mount Potosi.

Mount Potosi is the site of the plane crash that took Carole Lombard’s life.

Zak points down at the mountain below him, likely the spot where the plane crashed.

Nick treks down the mountainside to look for wreckage to see if any spiritual energy of the victims remains.

The guys also visit Belle Mine as part of their investigation to search for remnants of the once functional mine.

A cow skull decorates a table in the Pioneer Saloon.

Zak, Nick and Aaron roll into Goodsprings, NV, in style.

Zak, Nick and Aaron take a moment to prepare before heading into the night’s lockdown at the Pioneer Saloon.

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