Ghost Adventures: Sin City Exorcism

Zak and the crew travel to Las Vegas to help a family plagued by a demonic force in their home.

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Ghost Adventures Crew

The Ghost Adventures crew is in their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, to investigate a demonic force in “one of the most serious” GA cases, ever.

The Investigation

Anthony Mojica and his sisters believe a sinister entity attached itself to their late mother, Patty, and might even be responsible for her death.

Vengeful Entity

Anthony fears the spirit is “after” his family…

Broken Walls

… And he says the force is now taking control of him. During violent outbursts, he has punched holes in his walls that have left him bloodied and scared those around him.

Chained Windows

Things have gotten so bad in this small house that the family chained the windows shut.

Patty's Room

Patty’s former bedroom is locked up and bound with an extension cord. It’s near this room that the family has seen the ghostly figure of a girl in a white dress.


The family attempt to use Buddha as a source of protection like Patty used to do while she was alive.

Bizarre Occurrences

This crucifix snapped in two and hit Anthony in the head. The family glued it back together out of fear for their safety.

Neighborhood in Crisis

The surrounding neighborhood has also endured several tragedies, including fire and homicide. Is there some unknown force wreaking havoc in the community?

Sin City Exorcism

Catch the all-new episode, Saturday at 9|8c!

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