Ghost Adventures: Union Brewery of Death

Zak and the crew are back in Virginia City, Nevada, to investigate the dark spirits haunting a historic brewery. A devastating fire and a short stint as a funeral home has stained the building, creating an energy unlike anything they've encountered.

Welcome Back to Virginia City

There’s an emergency in Virginia City, Nevada, at Union Brewery. The local watering hole is under attack and, as Zak says, it’s about “as scary and as dark as you can imagine.”

History of Union Brewery

The first incarnation of the bar burned to the ground in a violent fire in 1865. It was rebuilt the following year in the same place it stands today.

Former Funeral Home

In 1930, the owners operated through the prohibition by storing their booze in a hidden compartment beneath the floor of the basement. A restaurant was run out of the back of the building, and upstairs was a boarding house for many years. The building was also occasionally used as a funeral home.

Mining Saloon

The Union Brewery was known as a mining camp saloon. Thousands of prospectors came to the area in the late 1850s as pounds of gold and silver were mined out of the earth each day.

Dark Forces

The current owner, Dawn Grant, believes the building is responsible for the death of her ex-husband, Nick, who died in the building. His body wasn’t recovered for several weeks.

The Basement

Dawn purchased the brewery back in 2012. She says over time, the building began to affect Nick’s behavior and he became increasingly “aggressive.” Dawn adds he seemed to be “addicted” the building and didn’t want to leave. She’s convinced whatever’s influencing the building lives in the basement.

The Apartment

This is the apartment where Nick once lived. Dawn is sometimes forced to spend the night here as she continues to run the brewery.

The Mysterious "Dark Man"

Psychic medium Christina George has had several strange, paranormal encounters at Union Brewery. She says she once encountered the spirits of two young girls who warned her of a male entity known as the “Dark Man” who wouldn’t allow them to cross over to the other side.

Possible Portal

Christina warns that there’s an open portal in the brewery. Is this portal attracting negative energy? Are the building’s occupants in danger?

More Witnesses

Dan Ackley has had many run-ins with the “Dark Man.” He recalls an incident when he was lying next to Dawn in bed when he heard what he describes as something like a propane tank exploding under her bed. It threw the bed up and knocked Dawn in the air.

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