Hotel Impossible: Hoarders Gone Wild Pictures

Anthony is in Homestead, FL, to help the 150-room Floridian Hotel get back on track. Check back after the premiere to see exclusive photos of the finished renovation.

Anthony Melchiorri and interior designer Alison Victoria pose in front of the Floridian Hotel in Homestead, FL.

Anthony discusses some of the issues he's come across during his initial walkthrough at the Floridian.

The waiting area of the lobby contains old, drab looking furniture that is in major need of an upgrade.

Although the front desk in the lobby is in good condition, Anthony feels that it doesn't really convey the look he's going for.

An overall view of the lobby before Alison and her team begin their renovations.

Anthony climbs aboard a stack of old mattresses inside the Groh brothers’ warehouse.

Used as more of a storage facility than as a banquet hall, Anthony goes through all the junk that has piled up over the last year.

Anthony appears to be displeased with the quality of equipment the hotel cleaning staff has been using.

Looking to clear his head, Anthony takes a quick break after inspecting his guest room at the Floridian.

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