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When demonic forces devastate a terrified family in Covington, LA, Steve and Amy step in to investigate.
Episode: Afflicted
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Investigating in Covington, LA

Matt Anderson and members of the production team film Amy during her initial walk-through of a terrified family’s home in Covington, LA.

Steve Meets Savannah

Steve meets with Savannah, the client's youngest daughter, to discuss her experiences with the paranormal.

Meeting the Client

Rhonda, Steve and Amy’s client, discusses some of the issues that she’s faced in her home.

Local Historian

Local historian Bill Larsen-Ruffin provides Steve with information that could help his case.

Who Used to Live Here?

During one of his many interviews, Steve gathers new information about Joseph Bossiere, the property’s mysterious original owner.

Steve Meets Scarlett

The client's oldest daughter, Scarlett, cracks a smile during her meeting with Steve.

Local Sketch Artist

A local sketch artist listens to Amy’s description of the entities she encountered on her walk.

Preparing For the Reveal

Amy glances at her notes as she uncovers the results of her investigation.

Awaiting the Results

Rhonda and her ex-husband listen intently during the dramatic reveal.

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