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When a desperate couple fears for their grandson's safety, Steve and Amy are called to Independence, OR, to investigate violent reports of paranormal activity.
Episode: House of Mirrors
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Independence, OR

Amy and Steve head to Independence, OR, to investigate claims of violent paranormal activity at a family home. The serene backdrop of Independence clearly does not match the disturbances that the clients are experiencing.

Feeling Ill

Amy begins to feel very sick on her walk because of how physical the entities she encounters are.

Talking to a Friend

The clients’ friend tells Steve about the strange activity she's experienced in the house.

Playing Tricks

Because of the entities on her clients’ property trying to trick her, Amy has a difficult time making it to the house for her initial walk-through.

At the Local Library

Steve finds some historical evidence at the local library to help back up his case.

Haunting the Hallway

Terry tells Steve about a figure he often sees in the hallway of his house.

Working With a Sketch Artist

Amy works with a local sketch artist to give faces to the prominent characters she met on her walk.

A Deadly Feud

Steve receives some tragic details about a deadly feud that tore the community of Independence, OR, apart.

Sharing the Findings

Amy and Steve sit together for the first time to share their findings with the clients.

Preparing for the Reveal

Terry and Bobby sit anxiously, awaiting the results from Amy and Steve during the reveal.

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