The Dead Files: Death Valley Pictures

While Steve uncovers the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House’s murderous past, Amy encounters many agitated spirits, including a man who believes the hotel is his and will stop at nothing to reclaim it.
Episode: Death Valley
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Amy confronts the restless entities that have been frightening away guests from the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House in Death Valley, CA.

Amy and Matt enter the theater area of the Amargosa Hotel.

At the local library, Steve searches for any clues that could explain the strange activity on the client's land.

Matt records Amy's interactions with the dead as she does her "walk" of the client's property.

Steve and Tim discuss the history of the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House in the older, more paranormally -active part of the hotel.

Rich informs Steve of all the strange activity his guests have been experiencing inside the Amargosa Hotel.

Steve meets with Marta, the Amargosa Hotel owner for the past 43 years, to hear what strange activity she's experienced.

Steve speaks with Margaret, another witness of the strange activity, to see if there's any connection to what Amy sees during her walk.

Scenic Death Valley, a land riddled with tragic history, is home to the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House.

Steve meets with Bob, a Death Valley park ranger and local historian, who informs Steve of the area’s mining history.

Steve and Amy inform their clients of what they learned about the property, and tell them whether or not the land is safe enough for them to stay.

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