The Dead Files: Evil Underground Pictures

Steve and Amy are in Illinois to investigate reports of paranormal activity. Their client claims something tried to drag her son into the basement and spirits are climbing into bed with her daughter.
Episode: Evil Underground
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Steve begins his investigation of the client's property at the library in Rock Island, IL.

As Matt records, Amy describes the terrifying activity she sees around Melissa's house.

On the client's snow-covered lawn, Amy describes the entities that lurk on the land.

Amy sits down with the sketch artist in an attempt to show the clients what she saw.

The sketch artist uses Amy's description to accurately depict Amy's vision of the entity.

Steve and Melissa discuss what's been going on inside and around her property.

Using Melissa's detailed description of the activity, Steve tries to use what she's seen to help build his case.

Steve and Melissa discuss the strange activity her son has experienced in his bedroom.

Melissa's husband, Mike, describes the strange activity his daughter has seen in her bedroom.

Mike explains to Steve the strange activity they have experienced in their attic.

Melissa's mom, Christyne, describes the experiences she's had in her daughter's home.

Steve meets with the curator, Beth, at a local park to learn more about the history of his client's land.

Steve shows Amy photos of Melissa and Mike's children during the reveal.

Mike and Melissa listen to Steve and Amy's results during the reveal.

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