The Dead Files: Fractured Pictures

During their separate, harrowing investigations, Steve researches the disturbing deaths of a previous resident, while Amy encounters several conflicting entities that seek to both protect and harm.
Episode: Fractured
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While on her initial walkthrough of her client’s home in St. Louis, Amy comes across a tall, scary man who has a very physical presence in the house.

A descendant of the original landowner shares some clues about the property with Steve.

The original landowner's descendant shares photos and stories about her family's past.

Local sketch artist, Michael Lewis, asks Amy if he's drawn what she saw.

Amy realizes that the tall man she sees is able to interact like a living person.

Steve looks around the upstairs of his client's house.

The client, Krystal, points out where she was pushed down the stairs during her interview with Steve.

Krystal tells Steve that she spent 2 years working on the house to make it livable.

Steve reviews several documents at the local library, searching for clues.

Dr. Graham, a chief medical examiner, shares the original coroner's inquests for the 1894 murder/suicide that Steve is investigating.

Shanan and Krystal listen as Amy and Steve share what they learned during their investigations.

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