The Dead Files: Hotel Nowhere Pictures

While investigating in California, Steve discovers that the property was once the site of a mental hospital. Meanwhile, Amy encounters numerous tortured, psychopathic entities.
Episode: Hotel Nowhere
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Steve and Amy investigate a California hotel owner's suspicious claims of threatening paranormal activity.

Inside Todd's mansion, Amy encounters several entities that she believes are hell bent on destroying the living.

Amy ventures inside Todd's mansion to see what's been hiding on the property late at night.

Steve interviews Donette, a local genealogist who has some information about the tragic life of a former property owner's family.

Matt records Amy's encounters with a few of the entities.

Steve meets with Todd inside the mansion to learn more about the unexplained activity on the property.

Todd informs Steve of the strange encounters he and his employees experienced when the mansion operated as a haunted house for Halloween.

Glenda informs Steve of the strange activity she's experienced while inside her brother's mansion.

The paranormal activity in the mansion was so severe that it led Laura to quit her job at the hotel.

In order to build a solid case, Steve meets with as many experts and possible witnesses to see if he can figure out what's happening on the client's land.

At the local library, Steve searches for any clues that could explain the strange activity.

Todd and Glenda listen to the results of Steve and Amy's harrowing investigations of their property.

During the reveal, Steve and Amy give up the gritty details they uncovered during their investigations.

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