The Dead Files: Master of the Damned Pictures

Amy and Steve investigate terrifying reports of threatening paranormal activity at the home of a retired police detective in Potsdam, NY.
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Steve and Amy head to Postdam, NY, to investigate claims of paranormal activity at a former police detective's home.

Amy sees the entity of an old man who died in her client's home. The figure appears to take the energy of other dead people.

Amy feels real fear as she walks the house and meets the old man in charge.

Steve reviews Frank Bancroft's death certificate while local genealogist, Dennis Eickhoff, explains how he died.

Dennis eventually tells Steve that Frank Bancroft was extremely despondent over his wife's death.

Donna's son, Andrew, tells Steve that he doesn't like being in the house alone.

Steve inspects the gun Howard Burt used to kill Asa Briggs in 1897.

Amy observes while local artist, Patricia Varney, draws the sketches Amy will share with her clients.

Patricia listens intently to Amy while she describes the angry man she met on her walk.

Trent, a local historian, tells Steve that between 1,200-1,500 people witnessed the hanging of John Donnovan in 1852.

Their client, Donna, is anxious to learn what advice Amy has for her to deal with the paranormal experiences in her home.

Amy and Steve share their findings about the property with their clients.

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