The Dead Files: Plagued Pictures

When terrifying paranormal activity threatens a military veteran’s family in Cressona, PA, Steve and Amy step in to investigate.
Episode: Plagued
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Amy is overwhelmed by the number of dead people who are trying to talk to her while she investigates a family home in Cressona, PA.

Historian Richard Nagle shows Steve a photo of the railroad workers from Cressona's origins.

Steve researches the previous owners of his clients’ house.

Dale, a local train historian, explains to Steve how the railroad helped build the town of Cressona back in the 1800s.

Angela, the owner of the Cressona home, describes the gremlin she has been seeing inside the house.

Steve sits with his client while getting the details of the strange activity she's experienced.

Angela's husband, Randy, explains to Steve how the suspected paranormal activities are affecting his family.

Amy holds onto the front door before entering the house.

Amy starts to feel physically and emotionally drained while walking the house.

Sitting on the sofa with Steve, Angela explains the strange activities she's experienced in that room.

Dr. Nazeeri gives Steve the details of the 1914 Spanish Influenza epidemic that devastated Cressona, PA.

Steve uses a flashlight to investigate his clients' house.

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