The Dead Files: Summoning Souls Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate disturbing paranormal activity at a terrified woman's home in Starks, ME.
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Amy and Steve head to a family home in Starks, ME, to investigate frightening claims of paranormal activity.

As Matt records her walk, Amy tries to interpret the sadness and fear she's feeling from the damned souls in the house.

Amy senses a dead woman who growls like an animal.

Amy sees so many dead people, she's not sure it's even possible that so many entities can coexist.

Ron Frechette shares his wife, Mary's tragic story with Steve.

Steve sympathizes with Ron after learning about the guilt he feels for his wife's death.

Ann Marie tells Steve she thinks the house is going to kill her and her parents.

Ann Marie's brother-in-law tells Steve he's very worried about his in-laws’ health.

Amy smiles with approval during her session with a local sketch artist.

Steve listens to Ann Marie's brother-in-law describe the numbness he experienced after working in the basement.

Digging through the archives at a local library, Steve searches for clues to his client's paranormal concerns.

Adam, Ann Marie's nephew, has played superstitious games in his aunt's house with scary results.

At the reveal, Steve introduces Amy to their clients for the first time.

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