The Dead Files: The House of Death Pictures

Steve and Amy discover paranormal entities that may cause a small arts center in Clinton, NC, to be shut down permanently.
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Amy closes her eyes in the kitchen as she focuses on the energy in the building.

Steve asks Mr. Weaver a follow-up question after learning more about the previous owner of Dr. Small's house.

Steve sits down with a prominent local attorney to discuss Dr. Small's will and family drama.

Amy takes her spiritual walk in the midnight air.

A local contractor, John, tells Steve about the 14 months of renovations he did on the house and the paranormal activity he witnessed.

Amy helps the sketch artist refine the sketch of the entity.

Ashley stares off into space during the difficult reveal.

Steve speaks with Lisa, the former art director, about the reasons she left.

Amy walks through the front door with Matt recording the experience.

Steve listens intently as the reporter gives him more details about the dark history of the house.

Jeff Weaver, a local reporter, fills in the blanks for Steve about the history of the Clinton area.

Steve listens to one of the clients explain her experiences to Amy during the reveal.

The clients study the artist's sketch as they discover what Amy witnessed.

Amy learns the art center's history during the reveal.

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