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Steve and Amy are called in to investigate claims of vicious paranormal activity in Struthers, OH. As Steve examines the history of the property, Amy confronts multiple mutilated entities.
Episode: Torn Apart
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Meeting With the Local Historian

A local historian gives Steve a photograph that shows the original owners of the property he's investigating in Struthers, OH.

Walking the Basement

During her walk in the basement, Amy Allan encounters the spirit of a dead woman who is capable of jumping the living.

They're Watching Me

As Matt follows behind, Amy feels the eyes of several entities on her during her walk.

Photographic Evidence

The client and Steve go over photographic evidence of paranormal activity.

Interviewing the Client's Daughter

The client's daughter, Delani, admits that she's afraid to come home because of the frightening activity she’s encountered.

Listening to Amy

Steve listens as Amy describes the details of her walk.

The Big Reveal

Joan and John look on while Steve and Amy disclose the findings of their investigations.

Digesting the Results

At the dramatic reveal, Amy watches as the clients try to digest the results of her investigation.

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