Toy Hunter: Caribbean Booty Pictures

Jordan gears up for Puerto Rico Comic Con! Not only is he looking for the rarest and most obscure toys, but also classic American toys that are new to the scene.
Episode: Caribbean Booty
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"Setting up for the Puerto Rico Comic Con." - Jordan

"Talking toys with Paris Themmen -- Paris played Mike Teevee in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." - Jordan

"Selling the rare GI Joe APC." - Jordan 

"Talk about an unbelievable find ... the Uzay Bluestars figure from Turkey!"

"A birds-eye view of Puerto Rico Comic Con."

"Fingers crossed that some of this stuff will actually sell!"

"Walking through Old San Juan."

"The streets of Old San Juan."

"Mike and I sift through his toy stash."

"Steve checks out some vintage Muppets plush."

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