Feed the Beast: Seattle Pictures

Throughout the night, Mikey finds himself devouring biscuits at the Jekyll and Hyde of late-night cuisine, searching for the best Seattle dog and standing in line for an Indian taco.
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Mikey Roe shows off this monster omelette served with endless hash browns at Beth's Café.

At 3:20 a.m., Mikey sits down with the customers at Beth's Café, his last stop of the night.

Beth’s has been serving hungry Seattleites oversized breakfasts for more than 50 years.

Adventuresome eaters order the 12-egg omelet, complete with toast and hash browns.

Mikey films outside of Li’l Woody's, a late-night staple in Seattle known for their unique spin on burgers and shakes.

Li'l Woody's famous New Mexican burger is topped with a homemade cheese sauce and green chilies brought in straight from New Mexico. This burger is only available from August to September when the peppers are in season.

If you’ve ever dipped your French fries in a milkshake, you know that this combination of sweet and savory is delicious. At Li’l Woody’s, it’s called “Crack,” and late-night feasters can’t get enough of it.

Mikey stands outside of Off The Rez, Seattle’s first and only Native American food truck, serving up a unique fusion of Native American and Mexican cuisines.

Mikey gets fitted for a kilt at Utilikilt.

Mikey meets a customer in a kilt at Biscuit Bitch, where owner Kimberly Spice works her magic using only an electric griddle, an old-school oven and her mastery of biscuit baking.

By day, this late-night joint is an intimate coffee shop that goes by the name Caffe Lieto. But at exactly 10 p.m., it turns into the Biscuit Bitch.

When the sun goes down, this place transforms into an after-hours madhouse with biscuit breakfast feasts of grand proportions.

But you better get to Biscuit Bitch fast if you want to secure a meal -- once the biscuits are gone, the door closes for the night.

You never know who or what you’ll find wandering around late at night … Mikey meets a late-night denizen who has a beast waiting to be fed.

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