No Reservations: Finland Pictures

Go behind the scenes with Tony Bourdain and the crew as they visit Finland.
Episode: Finland
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Tony and Finnish musician Sami Yaffa get ready for "folk racing" -- a mixture of rally racing and demolition derby -- in Hyvinkää, 30 miles north of Helsinki.

Tony spray-paints his tag onto his car before folk racing with Sami Yaffa in Hyvinkää.

Director of photography Todd Liebler films the Helsinki Cathedral for b-roll.

Tony and Sami Yaffa try to stay warm during Finland's harsh winter by drinking tiki drinks in Kokomo Tiki Bar, in Helsinki.

Mo films Tony as he tries cupping (followed by bloodletting) -- at the Arla Sauna in Helsinki.

Tony with a bottle of pöytä viinaa -- local Finnish booze.

Mo and Todd film Tony and friends at Päämaja, a gypsy bar/restaurant in Tuusula, just outside of Helsinki.

Snow-covered rooftops of central Helsinki.

Tony tries "Ron de Jeremy" rum in Päämaja gypsy bar.

Tony and Sami eat late-night drunken food at Jaskan Grilli in Helsinki. They get the Jaskan Special (meat pie, beefsteak, ham patty, sausage), with all kinds of assorted condiments.

Downtown Helsinki at night.

Mo films Tony at night in Helsinki.

Tony and Sami are invited to eat a traditional Finnish dinner with the Kantonen family, after hearing their interview on a local radio station.

Karelian pies -- a traditional Finnish savory pastry, made from a thin rye crust with a rice filling.

Tony and Finnish chef Antto Melasniemi cook up rabbit in Antto's kitchen.

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