Baggage Battles: Crate Expectations Pictures

The auction specialists head to Phoenix for the Sierra Auction, where a freight warehouse awaits them filled with furniture, musical instruments, records, jewelry and tons of guns.
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Laurence and Sally stand alongside one another, scrutinizing a lot that’s up for bid during the auction.

Billy stands at the ready with his auction number, while Mark prepares for the next items up on the block.

With Sally standing nearby, Cheryl Cosenza places a bid on an unspecified lot during the auction.

Will he take the item? Mark awaits the call from the auctioneer as Billy looks on.

Billy sifts through the contents of a giant crate that he won at the auction.

Laurence and Sally stand alongside some of their auction winnings.

Just hanging around flipping a knife ... Mark enjoys one of the items up for sale at the auction.

Laurence flips through a handful of 45s during the auction preview.

Sally tries on some of the jewelry up for sale.

Billy dons a fedora and holds a sword during the auction preview.

Mark tries on a breathing apparatus that’s up for sale at the auction.

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