Andrew Zimmern's Best 'Bizarre Foods' Photos

What's it really like to travel the country in search of the best regional eats? We went to the source himself. Check out Andrew's picks of his best personal shots while filming the newest season of Bizarre Foods.


Camp life.

Santa Barbara Raw and Cooked Shellfish

Plateau de mer at David Lentz's Hungry Cat.


Good morning to you, too!


Bacon-wrapped jalapeño duck "poppers" cooked in the blind.


Buffalo fish: the best tasting fish that no one eats.

Shealy's Bar-B-Que, South Carolina

Fried chicken. Three generations of experience helps.


My last lunch in Georgia was fried wild rabbit in gravy, wild BBQ boar, BBQ raccoon with sorghum and sweet potatoes, greens with smoked ham hocks, green beans with salt pork and a hoe cake from the amazing Ward family. Home cooking is the best when Barbara and Fred are cooking.


The large mouth bass in Georgia are really large. This was the first of many.


Lima beans and house-made sausage(!!!!)

Morro Bay Beach

Catch and pic of the day: This Ling cod eats so much octopus that the ink turns its flesh and mouth bright blue!


My pal Ba Luong likes his lobsters big. This one is almost 10 pounds, and that's without claws!


Morro Bay Beach

Last monster of the day. Every 10 minutes I need another one. Fresh beyond fresh, sweet, creamy and intensely oceanic.

Mississippi River Barge

Goodnight from the mighty Mississippi.

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