Bizarre Foods America: Undiscovered Hawaii Photos

Hawaiians know how to make the best of both the sea and the land, and Andrew Zimmern tastes the best and the most bizarre that this island state has to offer. Dried octopus bile sacs, anyone?
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Andrew Zimmern holds octopus bile sacs.

While at Tersty Treats in Honolulu, HI, Andrew holds up dried octopus bile sacs -- the raisin of ocean-going organ meats. It's all in a day's work on this show.

Andrew in a Hawaii crack seed plant.

Jade Food in Honolulu, HI, run by Deanne Ho, is the only Hawaiian company making the state's favorite snack food: crack seed, which is dried and re-dried fruit.

Andrew examines tuna in Hawaii

Joe Ching, of Tersty Treats, shows Andrew aku tuna, the main ingredient of Palu, a poke, or fish salad.

Andrew at fish market in Hawaii

Andrew appreciates the bounty of the South Seas at a market in Honolulu's Chinatown.

Opah fish

Fresh-caught opah, also known as moonfish, chills at Honolulu's United Fishing Agency auction.

Andrew Zimmern tastes raw yellowtail

Andrew and local restaurant owner Chris Ghee visit the Oahu Market in Honolulu’s Chinatown to try raw yellowtail with scallion, soy and seaweed -- freshly harvested that morning.

Andrew Zimmern searches for sea urchins

Andrew and local Kyle Napeahi scour the rocks for opihi shellfish and helmet urchins on Miloli'i Beach, off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Miloli'i coastline

The Miloli'i coastline on the Big Island of Hawaii is the picture of remote and rugged beauty.

Andrew Zimmern eats helmet urchins

Kyle, Andrew and Lei dig in to their oceanic afternoon snack of helmet urchin gonads.

Tuna for auction at United Fish Agency

At the United Fishing Agency auction in Honolulu, HI, fish buyers can examine the complex layers of fresh-caught tuna to determine quality.

Andrew Zimmern fished for opelu in Hawaii

Andrew fishes for opelu, also known as Japanese or South Pacific mackerel, with local fisherman Willie Kaupiko, his son Kai'imi and his grandson Keani.

Fresh-caught opelu

Fresh-caught opelu from the Miloli'i, HI, coast.

Raw opelu

Raw opelu -- salted, iced and marinated -- is a unique local favorite.

Poi expert pounds taro root in Hawaii

Daniel Anthony is an expert at making poi, a traditional Hawaiian dish made by pounding the starchy taro root.

Andrew Zimmern eats shave ice in Hawaii

Andrew talks with local children at Shimazu Shave Ice about Hawaii's favorite hot-weather snack.

Raw octopus

An early preparation of octopus, or tako, topped with octopus bile, served at Tersty Treats in Honolulu, HI.

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