Booze Traveler: Around the World Pictures

Check out pictures from Jack Maxwell's journey during Season 2 of Booze Traveler.

Hawaii Time

Jack poses with some new friends on the shores off Hawaii.

He’e Holua

Jack enjoys a beverage before hitting the mountain for “he’e holua” – the ancient tradition of mountain sledding.


Sharing a cocktail with friends at twilight on a Hawaii is not a bad way to close the day.

Hobbit Hole

A trip to New Zealand wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Hobbit hole in Hobbiton.

Drinking Kava

Jack holding his bowl of Kava, a special New Zealand drink made from the roots of a plant barring the same name.

Hitting the Pitch

Jack Maxwell getting ready to hit the pitch for some Rugby in New Zealand.

Quiapo Market

Jack check out the Quiapo Market in the Philippines’ capital city of Manila.

Catching a Ride

Jack catches a ride through Banaue, Philippines. 

Oyster Toast

Off the coast of San Leon, TX, Jack and some new friends share some fresh oysters from the Gulf of Mexico and a cocktails from the Railean Distillery.

Um... Bingo!

Jack learns the finer points of Chicken S---Bingo while in Austin, TX.

Bangers Sausage House

Located on popular Rainey Street in Austin, TX, where bungalows have been converted into bars, sits this local favorite, Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden.

Sheep Herding

Jack Maxwell poses with a herd of sheep in Greece before leading them into town.

Romantic View

The view of Athens, Greece is amazing to enjoy as a couple…

Late Night View

… or with a cocktail of your choice.

Sicily, Italy

Jack cheers his glass of Marsala wine as he walks through a grape field in Marsala, Sicily.

Shaved Ice with a Kick

In Palermo, Sicily Jack and guide Chico Palladino find a Grattatelle stand (shaved ice with flavoring) where Chico has the shop owner add a little liquor to Jack’s serving.

Big Time Bugatti

Jack gives a cheers as he takes off in a 1929 Bugatti in Palermo on the Targa Florio track. Looks kind of like the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Bar Kaluma

Jack grabs a drink at Bar Kaluma while in Finland.

Boot Tossing

Jack tries his hand at the interesting and unique Finnish sport of boot tossing.

Hitting the Streets

Jack and his Finnish guide Nikko wait at a bus stop in the city of Helsinki.

Fishing in Hungary

Jack and local Hungarians fish in the murky water of the Tisza River with a traditional Roma fishing net.


The capital city of Hungary, Budapest, prepares for a large storm.

Nagyhegyes Farm

Jack Maxwell enjoys a large traditional breakfast on a local Hungarian farm in Nagyhegyes.

Memento Park

Jack walks through Memento Park in Budapest where statues of Hungary’s past communist leaders stand. The statues were relocated after communist rule fell in 1989.

Maasai Elders

Elders of the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe enjoy honey wine with Jack Maxwell in the great Ngorongoro Conservation Area of Tanzania.


Jack toasts to the camera while in Tanzania.

Banana Beer

Jack asks a local how much banana beer he consumes a day. The answer is a surprising 5 liters.

Mini Horses

Jack checks out some miniature horses with on the beach in Shetland, Scotland.

Highland Games

Jack shares whiskey with Robert, the MC of the Highland Games while in Scotland.

Can You Knit That?

While in Scotland Jack tries to knit as fast as Hazel Tindall, the fastest knitter in the world.

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