Booze Traveler: Armenia Pictures

Jack travels to Armenia to see the country’s oldest winepress, sample mulberry oghi and experience its vibrant nightlife.
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Khash Stew

While visiting Yous Sargsyan's guesthouse, Jack checks out the khash as it stews in the pot.

Khndzoresk's Bridge

Jack walks across Khndzoresk’s swinging bridge.

A Game of Backgammon

Jack watches some locals play a game of backgammon, a very popular board game in Armenia.

Armenian Flatbread

Jack tears lavash, a popular Armenian flatbread, into pieces to put into his khash.

Tossing Grapes

Jack tosses some Areni grapes into a barrel to begin the winemaking process.

Stomping Grapes

After winning a crucial arm-wrestling match, the champ, Nikita, earns the right to smash the grapes first.

Flying Over the Vorotan River

Jack checks out the view as he travels over the Vorotan River in an aerial tramway.

Dancin' in the Streets

Jack dances with a few local women during the Goris mulberry festival.

Dining With Locals

Jack indulges in a glass of oghi as he dines with Igor Ghazarian, who has been brewing the classic Armenian beverage for more than 25 years.

History of Brandy

Marina Badalyan and Jack discuss the history of Ararat brandy as they try a glass.

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