Booze Traveler: Turkey Pictures

Jack travels to the Middle East to sample the unique beverages in Turkey.
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Booze Traveler host Jack Maxwell and his friend Haakan take a walk through the Besiktas section of Istanbul, home of the rebellious football-supporter group known as Carsi.

Jack and Haakan toast the Besiktas football team with members of Carsi.

Dating back to A.D. 1110, Maiden's Tower is located on a small islet off the Asiatic shore of Istanbul, at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus.

Jack takes a moment to take in the view from the docks on the island of Bozcaada.

While in Bozcaada, Jack sampled a poppy-infused gin cocktail at the Ada Café.

Glasses of the ancient drink boza, made from fermented millet, are served up at the famous Istanbul restaurant Vefa Bozacisi.

Jack, Haakan and some local fishermen eat a meal of fresh mackerel caught in the Marmara Sea, paired with raki, one of the most popular drinks in Istanbul.

The Yeni Camii (New Mosque), situated on the Golden Horn at the southern end of the Galata Bridge, is just one of the famous architectural landmarks of Istanbul.

Jack shares a drink with Phil, the owner of the Bosphorus Brewing Co., home of unique local beer.

Jack and the crew visit Kayra Sevic Restoran in Istanbul.

The Avrupa Pasaji (European Passage) is a historic arcade lined with many clothing and jewelry shops.

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