Booze Traveler: Lithuania Pictures

Jack gets an inside look at the world of paganism, its rituals and its love for mead. He also experiences the wonders of homemade Lithuanian beer.
Episode: Loopy Lithuania

Hot-Air Balloon Adventure

Before getting a bird's-eye view of Lithuania, Jack Maxwell poses while the hot-air balloon is getting set up.

Hold On Tight!

Jack holds the hot-air balloon tightly as the crew begins to pile into the basket.

Crash Landing

A disheveled-looking Jack walks toward the camera after the hot-air balloon made an unfortunate crash landing.

Beauty of Lithuania

With one of the oldest churches in Lithuania in the background, Jack takes a second to appreciate the country's beauty.

Sharing a Beer

Jack shares a beer with one of the "tossers" before attempting to hurl a keg through the air.

Jack and the Keg Tossers

Jack poses with the keg tossers after earning his pitcher of beer. Strongman competitions are big in Lithuania, and evidently, strong men like to toss kegs around for sport.

Meeting of the Minds

Jack and Justinius join Eugenijus, an ornithologist specializing in storks, in the woods for a drink. Storks have a long tradition in Lithuania and even have a vodka named after them — starka.

Drinking Honey Mead

Jack indulges in a cup of honey mead while talking to a flower-crowned girl at the Earth Festival.

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