Ghost Adventures: Chinese Town of Locke Pictures

Zak Bagans and the GA crew explore the haunted and deserted town of Locke, CA.

Entering Locke

The Ghost Adventures Crew enters Locke, California, a town that was once considered a bustling hamlet for the gamblers and the Asian-American population. Now, this town is a desolate village with a darkened past.

Downtown Locke

The main strip in Locke, California where the GA Crew investigated the Dai Loy Casino. Locke, California is listed in the registry of national historic places because it is the only town built exclusively for Chinese citizens.

Last Meal?

Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin enjoy an authentic Chinese meal at Locke Garden (while Jay Wasley films). During their meal Zak's threshold for pain was tested by an extremely hot pot sticker.

Deep Thoughts

Aaron takes a moment to reflect outside of the Dai Loy Museum in Locke.

Dai Loy Casino

At the Dai Loy Museum, visitors will experience the old Dai Loy Casino like it was before it was forced to close in 1950.

House of Cards

Game cards from the Dai Loy Casino. The casino was shut down in the 1950s by government officials.

Spooked Hallway

A hallway in the Dai Loy Museum, restored to how it was years ago when the building was the Dai Loy Casino.

Opium Den

A former opium den that used to operate above the Dai Loy Casino. While the den was in use, prostitutes would take pick up men from the casino and bring them here.

Dai Loy Museum

Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin discuss the investigation outside of the Dai Loy Museum.

Clarence Chu

Clarence Chu, owner and operator of the Dai Loy Museum in Locke, California.

Scary Son

Ellen MacFarlane shares her experience of being attacked by a paranormal figure while in the Dai Loy Museum with her 7-year old son.

Chinese Schoolhouse

This former schoolhouse in Locke was also used as a meeting place for members of the Chinese Nationalist Party.

The Tong Building

Devin Sisk talks to the GA Crew about his experience of getting thrown against a wall by a spirit during his visit to the Tong Building in Locke. The Tong Building was famously once operated by the Chinese Mafia.

Star Theater

Zak filming the back of the Star Theater in Locke where opera singer Mai Ling used to perform. Some people say they can still her voice from inside the building.

Haunted Walkway

A wooden alleyway on the side of what used to the Star Theater in Locke, CA. Some people say they can still hear the voice of famous opera singer Mai Ling while walking down these stairs.

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