Kentucky Slave House

The ghosts of tortured slaves lead Zak, Nick and Aaron into the Maysville Slave House in Kentucky. The team provokes the cruel slave owner and comforts the tormented spirits of the slaves.
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Aaron, Zak and Nick head to Kentucky, with hopes of communicating with the spirits at the Maysville Slave House, Phillips Folly.

Apparitions are said to have appeared to visitors of the 180-year-old slave house.

Aaron goofs off while filming inside the house.

Zak interviews Jerry Gore, the owner of the house, who declares that there is dark energy that surrounds the basement.

Jerry explains that 4 witnesses swear to see flashes of a woman accompanied by a child walking in the slave tunnels below the house.

Zak provokes spirit of the aforementioned woman and child aberration.

There are still bloodstains on the walls next to the prison cell in the dungeon.

Jerry takes the guys into the dungeon of the slave house, where slaves were imprisoned, beaten and killed centuries ago.

Zak, Nick and Aaron are led to the attic by a group of fellow paranormal investigators, called the Tri State Paranormal who have previously examined the house.

The Tri State team informs the guys of a suicide that happened next to the mantle on the second floor of the house.

The team will investigate spirits in the attic, the second story and the basement during the lockdown.

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