The Dead Files: Blood in the Bordello Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate claims of evil entities attacking and threatening the life of a bar owner's wife in Columbus, OH.
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Amy flashes a smile to the camera outside the client's bar, The Jury Room, during her initial walkthrough.

Steve takes notes on the data he's collected about his client's bar.

Steve interviews the bar owner’s wife, Elizabeth, about experiences in her bar.

Steve and Nellie discuss the history of downtown Columbus.

The former bar owner, Georgia, tells Steve about her experiences in the bar.

During her walk, Amy encounters numerous entities lurking inside The Jury Room.

Harold shows Steve “The Jury Room Experience Journal,” where all of the employees of the bar have documented their paranormal experiences.

Matt captures Amy's experiences in the client's bar.

Amy describes one of the entities she saw inside the bar to the sketch artist.

Steve looks down from the top of the basement stairs.

Amy examines the photographs in the reveal.

Elizabeth listens as Steve and Amy reveal the frightening results of the investigation.

Amy and Steve discuss the results of the client's investigation together before revealing their findings.

Harold and Elizabeth examine a photograph that Steve has uncovered in his investigation.

A waning crescent moon hangs in the sky over downtown Columbus, OH.

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