The Dead Files: Blood on the Tracks Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity at a newlywed’s home in Garrett, IN. While Steve exposes the property’s history of scandal and death, Amy encounters an entity lurking in the shadows.
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Steve interviews Roselyn, a local historian, about the early residents of Garrett, IN.

A wide shot of the Garrett Historical Society Museum with camera operators capturing the action.

Amy walks through the dining room and looks up at the ceiling.

Steve listens to the history of the mysterious death in the DeKalb County Courthouse.

A beautiful picture of the dome in the DeKalb County Courthouse.

Steve interviews John, a train historian, at the Garrett Historical Society Museum.

A night exterior shot of the house in Garrett, IN.

Matt steps out of the car and sees the house for the first time.

A shadowy shot of Amy and Matt during the house walkthrough in Garrett, IN.

A bird's-eye view of Steve speaking to the client's younger sister.

Leah speaks with Steve during their first meeting at her house.

Cameraman Matt follows Amy through the house during her visit.

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