The Dead Files: Innocent Blood Pictures

Amy and Steve investigate claims of terrifying paranormal activity targeting children in Rome, NY.
Episode: Innocent Blood
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Amy gives local artist Bob Dacey details about the man she saw who watches over her client’s children.

Local historian Keith Gerlach tells Steve about the bloody Battle of Fort Bull near his client’s property.

Steve asks his client if she believes in the paranormal.

Sue, the client, explains to Steve that she brought her kids back to the house because she wants her family to be whole.

Steve looks at a photo of Ella Kobler while local genealogist Robert Avery details her untimely death.

Robert shares some history with Steve about previous property owners.

Outside the house, Amy discovers strange creatures she has never seen in her entire career.

Amy learns that the weird creatures she's describing to the local artist are possibly aliens.

Local artist Bob Dacey draws Amy's most vivid paranormal encounters.

Steve takes notes about his findings while researching his client’s property in the local library.

Local historian Mary Centro tells Steve that 6 of 10 children died on his client’s property.

Right before the reveal, Amy still appears to be baffled by the strange creatures she discovered outside of her client’s home.

Joe and Sue brace themselves for what Amy and Steve have to reveal.

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