The Dead Files: Dead End Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate claims of terrifying paranormal activity at a police officer's home in Neosho, MO.
Episode: Dead End
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After receiving claims of paranormal activity at a family home in Neosho, MO, Steve sits in the local library researching his client's property's past.

Amy and Steve's client, Dennis, shows the Dead Files crew where he once saw a figure peering through his window.

Amy sees a very powerful darkness with the ability to move things, afflicting the entire house they are investigating.

Dennis’ wife, Aundrea, explains to Steve that she fears for her children's safety.

Burt Bucher, a local artist, sketches for Amy as she describes the most prominent figures on her walk.

Danielle, Dennis and Aundrea's daughter tell Steve how they have felt uneasy while living in the house.

Steve gets noticeably upset by Danielle's account of the strange activity she's experienced.

Their client and local police officer, Dennis confesses to Steve that he is scared by what he has experienced in his house.

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