The Dead Files: Deadly Gift Pictures

Steve and Amy investigate reports of paranormal activity at a frightened couple's property in Kansas. Their client is terrified that something on his property is trying to harm his family business.
Episode: Deadly Gift
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Jeff opens the old garage to give Steve an idea of how widespread his activity is on the property.

Amy touches a metal gate outside of the garage as she learns more about the land.

Steve and Jeff hear a noise while talking in the attic.

Maria shows Steve photographs of the former property owners.

Steve gathers all the witness accounts he can before he begins researching the history of the property.

Brenda talks about her experiences and how the encounters are driving away business.

Amy enters the clients' salon to find any spirits that may lurk inside.

Amy enters the garage and feels the presence of yet another being.

Steve interviews Emily inside her salon where she has reported many bizarre experiences.

Something inside Emily's salon has her worried for her and her family's lives.

Amy believes she's found something dangerous while searching the garage.

Steve attempts to uncover all that he can about the history of a clients' property.

Steve, an air quality specialist, checks the garage for anything airborne that may be harming the clients.

Amy and Steve share a somber expression as they help the clients come to terms with the facts of their situation.

Amy and Steve provide the clients with vital instructions to follow at the conclusion of their investigation.

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