The Dead Files: Deadly Grounds Pictures

Steve and Amy confront the powerful spirit of a religious woman at a family home in Wabash, IN.
Episode: Deadly Grounds
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Amy learns about the unexplained experiences the client has been having in her home in Wabash, IN.

Steve and Suzanne discuss what's been happening on her property. Suzanne is panic-stricken and believes her home has been infested with terrorizing "monsters."

Steve listens to Suzanne's detailed descriptions of the activity she's witnessed. Suzanne has heard threatening voices in the bedrooms, in the attic and even through the baby monitor she uses to listen to her newborn.

Steve meets with county historian, Ron Woodward, to learn more about the property's bloody history. Wabash is a town of about 11,000 located approximately 80 miles north of Indianapolis. The original inhabitants of Wabash County were Native Americans, and for hundreds of years it was home to the Potawatomi and Miami tribes.

Steve meets with B.J. to learn more about what has been happening in his home. The house has been in his family for 3 generations, but with all the strange activity in the house, he’s scared to someday hand it down to his kids.

Behind the wheel, Steve discusses new details he's uncovered about his investigation.

Amy explores the attic, where her clients claim to have experienced numerous strange occurrences.

Amy shares her experiences on the property with Matt.

Steve meets a Native American tribe member after learning of the property's violent past.

Amy meets with a sketch artist to have the entity she saw in the client's home sketched.

Steve learns more about Suzanne's property at the local library.

Steve meets with a local archivist, Heather, who gives him information about the client's property.

B.J. and Suzanne listen intently to the results of Steve and Amy’s investigations.

Steve listens to his clients during the reveal.

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