The Dead Files: Family Curse Pictures

Steve uncovers a history of tragic bloodshed, while Amy faces-off against a demonic entity that she believes could possess the living at a family home in Belvidere, IL.
Episode: Family Curse
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Steve and Amy listen intently while their clients explain what they have witnessed on the property.

Steve has a seat in the living room as he listens to Franco's experiences in the home.

Amy carefully inspects Judy’s home for paranormal entities during her initial walkthrough.

The front lawn of the family home in Belvidere, IL.

Bill provides articles that may bring Steve closer to uncovering the history of Franco's property.

Amy opens herself up to the entities that lurk inside the dark barn.

Steve listens to Frankie as he describes his experiences in his grandfather's house.

In her old bedroom, Judy describes the strange experiences she's had in the past inside her father's home.

Steve meets with Mark, a historian, to learn more about the property's history.

Matt listens to Amy as she describes the entities she came across while searching the home.

Steve reviews his notes before the reveal begins.

Franco waits to hear the results of the investigation on his property.

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