The Dead Files: House of Horrors Pictures

Amy and Steve travel to Radford, VA, to investigate frightening paranormal activity at the eerie St. Albans Sanatorium.
Episode: House of Horrors
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After arriving at the eerie St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, VA, Amy and Matt enter the basement where many living people have felt completely drained of energy and physically assaulted.

Amy sees the dead pushing themselves against the walls to avoid the living.

Don, their client, hopes that they can restore the sanatorium and turn it into a museum.

Amy speaks with an entity who calls himself "Uncle.” She can see that he has flooded the location with nastiness.

Chuck tells Steve that women are not allowed in the boiler room by themselves.

Steve follows Chuck through the many rooms of the sanatorium.

A view of the staircase from below that leads to a quiet area for the dead.

Marcelle admits that they have occasionally done paranormal investigations at the sanatorium.

Dr. Scheiderer watches a film of the brutal ECT treatment used in the 1900s.

Steve's research uncovers a murder of a young woman very close to Marcelle's property.

Local sketch artist, Steven White, draws what Amy witnessed at St. Albans Sanatorium.

Scott Gardner, a local historian, tells Steve about George Miles, the founder of St. Albans prep school.

Steve is shocked to hear Amy was not able to finish her walk at the sanatorium.

Marcelle listens to Amy's advice after hearing about the dead in the sanatorium.

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