The Dead Files: Lethal Waters Pictures

While Steve uncovers a deadly secret, Amy encounters the spirit of a woman who can control the living during their harrowing investigation of the Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs, PA.
Episode: Lethal Waters
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Steve sits with Brenda, the owner of the historic Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs, PA, as she describes some of the strange activity she's experienced in her hotel.

Amy walks through the Riverside Inn for the first time.

Steve listens as a local historian describes the strange activity that a previous owner of the Riverside Inn had experienced.

Matt records Amy's initial walkthrough.

Steve interviews the client’s husband in the hotel's theater where people have witnessed strange activity.

An inside look at the historic Riverside Inn.

Amy tries to remember the entity she saw during her walk-through.

Steve and local crime writer, Don Hilton, stand in front of the deceptive French Creek in Cambridge Springs, PA.

Steve reviews the evidence he has gathered about the Riverside Inn’s history.

Amy describes an entity that she saw to the sketch artist.

Dr. Jim Roberts discusses the magnesium levels in the water that’s been bottled and sold at the hotel in the past.

Steve and Amy sit with their clients to reveal the findings of their investigations.

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