Toy Hunter: Boston Toy Party Pictures

Jordan digs his way through Boston on one of his biggest hunts yet. Jordan first tackles a bedroom being devoured by toys and follows that up with a collection that has taken over an entire home.
Episode: Boston Toy Party
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"I dig through Catherine's closet and one of her many boxes, looking for toy gold."

"Taking time out to actually play with a toy. The defiant was one of my favorites growing up."

"I laugh when I find yet another Transformer toy. I think this makes ... like 1,000!"

"Inspecting a rare and unusual toy line I found at Sean's."

"Catherine's closet was filled with toys... now I just need to find the ones to purchase! Tough choices!"

"I dig through yet another box filled to the brim with Transformer parts. It's like a giant junk yard for toys... and I love it!"

"Checking out a rare sectaurs toy with Sean."

"I impart my "toy wisdom" to Travis, while digging through his stash of toys."

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