Toy Hunter: Misfit Toys Holiday Special Pictures

Jordan is on the hunt for some Yuletide bestsellers of the past, while also searching for misfit toys that are always in high demand around the holidays.
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Photo By: JoAnn_Onofre

"I pull a tiara from a pile in Kim's house, and do my best "Toy Princess" impression for Steve. "

"Joking with Steve amongst a pile of boxes in Kim's basement."

"Steve and I uncover a mountain of vintage Star Wars toys, and begin negotiating with Kim."

"A beautiful shot of the city at night. I loved driving over this bridge."

"I have a moment with my "New Best Friend" Jaime while haggling over a vintage 1960's toy."

"Which one? Which one? Oh never mind... I will take them all."

"Steve and I go through a box of vintage Star Wars toys outside of Jeff's house."

"A shot catching me in the middle of tight negotiations with Jeff."

"Going through a bag of "mis-matched" figures and weapons. It sometimes takes hours to match them all up correctly."

"Behind the scenes filming with Toni. You really get a feel for how cluttered her basement was, and filled with vintage goodness."

"I discuss the finer points of Hulk Hogan and Horse racing with Toni. ( Don't ask, you had to be there!)"

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