Toy Hunter: Taking Tennessee Pictures

Jordan sets his sights on Knoxville, TN, where he finds an Evel Knievel stunt set, a vintage Flash Gordon action figure, the Knight Rider car and more.
Episode: Taking Tennessee
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"I check out some cool vintage diecast toys in Greg's basement."

"Brandon's attic is full of toys – they’re everywhere you look. I think I died and went to heaven!"

"Keith has his own personal playroom over his barn ... chock-full of vintage goodness from the 60s!"

"Greg and I haggle over a piece I want ... but he obviously is not ready to part with it."

"Keith and I take some time out to actually play with some vintage slot cars. Time well spent!"

"That's the sign to the crew that I am done! It was 100 degrees in the barn, and I was exhausted after my day."

"I get ready to make what I call ‘The Big Climb.""

"Yeah, I don't care what Keith says ... this is definitely higher than 14 feet."

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