Toy Hunter: It's Chiller Time Pictures

Jordan gets a scare when faced with finding a rare item in time for the annual Chiller Theatre Expo. Amongst his finds are Chucky dolls, a Green Ghost game and an old Frankenstein robot.
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"I always say.. "this aint childs play!" Here I inspect a doll from the original Child's Play movie!"

"The entire crew has fun on set. Here, our AP gets a first degree lesson in "scare tactics" at Chiller Theatre Expo in NJ."

"Steve hams is up for the camera... or viewmaster in this case! We're on the hunt for some classic vintage horror toys!"

"The Toy Hunter crew in between takes at Chiller Theatre Expo in NJ."

"Even I get a bit carried away with the horror fest! This time of year brings out the ghoul in me!"

"Steve and I come across one of our most passionate collectors to date; a man with an entire car covered in action figures!"

"Everyone gets "pumped" about the Chiller Theatre Expo; including my friend Jennifer and myself!"

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