Toy Hunter: Prehistoric Pennsylvania Pictures

While in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Jordan stops by some former Kenner employees' houses and comes away with an original Strawberry Shortcake doll and a number of Jurassic Park figures.
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"I inspect a classic toy with friend and former designer for Kenner Toy Products, Ed Busam. This is the first time I got to actually see Ed's incredible collection of toys. It was totally worth the wait!"

Rob Meyer and I dig through a huge garage filled with Don's toys. I could have stayed in there all day. When the cameras stopped rolling, I made him an offer on some of his classic cars!

"I try to do my best Godzilla impression!"

"Behind the scenes filming at Trader's World with fellow collectors Rob Meyer and Tracey Hamilton. It was great to get back to Cincinnati to see my ‘extended’ family of friends."

"Uncovering a toy collection of JURASSIC PROPORTIONS. I had no idea initially of what that stash of toys was worth ... but I was going to find out! Side note: Temperatures reached close to 100 degrees in the attic during filming."

"Filming another buy at Trader's World with Rob Meyer and Tracey Hamilton. This is a rare glimpse into what filming looks like behind the scenes, with both our DP and Field Director looking on."

"The transportation of choice behind the scenes at Trader’s World! The employees let me take their 3-wheeled bicycle for a spin after filming was done ... and I almost didn’t come back!"

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