Bizarre Foods America: Dallas Pictures

Travel to Dallas with Andrew Zimmern for some of the best barbecue, chicken, cow head and barbacoa this country has to offer.
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Andrew Zimmern in Dallas

Andrew Zimmern is so excited for the Rojas family’s goat stew (Birria de Chivo) that he busts out his favorite goat t-shirt.

Pig on a spit in Forth Worth

A pig slow-roasts on a spit in the kitchen at Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth TX.

Andrew Zimmern with Chef Tim Love in Dallas

Andrew Zimmern receives a rundown from Chef Tim Love on the art of smoking meat at Woodshed Smokehouse.

Andrew Zimmern fills a bucket of beer in Dallas

Andrew Zimmern and Chicken Scratch Chef Tim Byres fill a bucket of beer that they'll use to douse (marinate) a cow head.

Cow Head

This cow head is covered with spices before being cooked in the "ground" at Chicken Scratch.

Andrew Zimmern holds a charred cow head

Andrew Zimmern admires a charred cow head, taken straight from the pit at Chicken Scratch.

Barbacoa Fixings

A selection of Chef Tim Byres' barbacoa fixings rests on top of a Dutch oven at Chicken Scratch.

Andrew Zimmern eats at Odom's Bar-b-que in Dallas

Andrew Zimmern and barbecue expert Daniel Vaughn dig into food from local icon Odom's Bar-b-que in Dallas at Daniel's favorite table: the back of his car.

Giant Water Bugs in Andrew Zimmern's hands

Andrew Zimmern holds up a pair of giant water bugs before smashing them into a Thai shrimp paste dip called nam prik kaphi.

Food Scene of Thai Nam Prik Kaphi, Roasted Giant Water Bugs

In traditional Thai nam prik kaphi, roasted giant water bugs (on right) are smashed using a mortar and pestle, then added to a paste with shrimp, lime, garlic, Thai chili and palm sugar.

Andrew Zimmern at Russian Banya Spa

Andrew Zimmern stops by an unexpected Texas locale: the Russian Banya spa.

Andrew Zimmern with Tony Goldschmid

Russian Banya owner Tony Goldschmid tries to tempt Andrew Zimmern with a traditional Russian drink.

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